Our Solutions

Public Venues

Make your destination unique by delighting local citizens and tourists with magic experiences.

EverSnow creates for you brand new environments, with paid or free entrance, in prestigious public areas (e.g Snow Garden, Christmas Market, Exhibitions…)

Artificial Snow

Artificial Snow

Shopping Malls

Whether you have indoor or outdoors areas, we can enhance your shopping destination.

EverSnow solutions are ideal to delight shoppers and attract crowds of visitors.

Freestyle Shows

Freestyle ramps require rigorous snow production process, implementation and safetly regulations which we have developed with our experience and qualified engineers.

We are also expert in stunts combining ramp + Big Air Bag. It makes a perfect show to attract crowds when communicating on your brand.

Artificial Snow

Artificial Snow

Snow Supply & Ski Resorts

We have more than 10 years experience producing and manipulating snow. Our machines are capable of covering large surface with qualitative snow (cold, slippery and resistant).

We guarantee your World Class destination or event to never run out of snow.

Winter Sport Competitions & Pratices

Spice up your sport event or offer new initiations by adding unique disciplines on snow wherever your venue is.

Our installation areas start from 500 sqm.

We provide equipments and qualified staff to ensure smooth operations and safety.

Artificial Snow

Theme Park Snow Rides

Refresh your theme parks or add value to your entertainment with EverSnow.

We have more than 10 years experience in snow attractions and practice areas.

Snow Games & Mascots

Along the years, EverSnow has acquired and developed customized equipments to organize extremely fun games in the most professional conditions: Snowmen and Sculpture competitions, Snowball fights…

Artificial Snow

Artificial Snow

Brand Advertising & Activations

Promote your brand in the most unique ways with EverSnow.

Use the properties of snow to reflect brand personality and communicate relevant product benefits (e.g. refreshment…)

Unique Event Venues

Partner with EverSnow to create insolite venues for your events (igloos, polar world, Nordic VIP dinner…) We bring your ideas into success stories.

Artificial Snow

Artificial Snow

Dry Attractions

EverSnow offers additional capabilities to add up features to your themed event.

Choose among a large panel of attractions on top of what we provide with our snow: Aventure zone, synthetic Ice Climbing Wall and Ice Skating Rink…

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